Because egoic chat never TRULY satisfies! Looking for a deeper authenticity? Want to converse with others who really ‘get it’?

A soul mirror is someone who reflects the truth of your authentic soul energy, a true spiritual friend.

Soul Mirror Talk Radio is hosted by twin flame couples who have walked through the trials and tests of true partnership. Beyond relationship advice, twin flame couples can help you claim an empowered life.

The hosts of Soul Mirror Talk Radio are twin flame union souls, Alan and Sandra, and Sri and Kira.

We Live Stream at www.onenesstalkradio.com - activate the player below. Click the upper right corner to 'pop up' the player so that you can navigate away from this page and still listen!

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Thursdays, 1:00 pm Pacific Time



Kira Raa, the “teacher’s teacher”, is a well known and highly respected intuitive. Her incredible accuracy has assisted thousands to discover their own mastery through the pure stream of energy she emits.

Sri Ram Kaa is a gifted psychotherapist, skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Healer. His joyful wisdom assists listeners to trust their own inner voice and discover peace.

Having 15 dynamic years in the public realm, Sri and Kira arrived at the forefront of the higher consciousness movement due to the wisdom, clarity and accuracy of the information they selflessly share. With five best-selling books, the couple presents extraordinary insights about our human origins, divine destination and the gift of conscious ascension. They model a life of Passionate Action and support their listeners and students to grow in personal mastery.


Sandra and Alan 2016

Alan and Sandra are experienced radio personalities who have committed to a journey of spiritual awakening and assisting others to do the same. Always uplifting and inspiring hope, they humbly share heart-centered inspiration.

Spanning over 32 years, the synchronicity of their Twin Flame journey helps people stop and recognize why certain events occur in peoples lives.

Alan and Sandra are Bifurcation Attunement Energy Healers and guides assisting others in understanding the power of the mind, body and soul and how frequency plays a key role in our lives.

We are not just here to establish a routine and occupy space! Life can be so magical and wondrous if people will play an active role in their own co-creation! Alan and Sandra are making a difference around the globe, One Frequency at a time.